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ARLA® End Preparation Machinery & Units

A Modular End Preparation Machinery System with an Optimum Flexibility

In order to realize a reliable endworking (end preparation) of pipes, tubes, and shafts ARLA offers flexible machining units (spindle, slide, table units) including workholding systems to clamp workpieces concentrically. All machining units are driven by servo motors and are controlled by a powerful CNC. The units and the workholding systems can be adjusted and positioned in longitudinal direction according to the technical requirements of the manufacturing process. You may feed the workpieces from top by special handling systems which are designed for the transportation of pipes in finishing lines for example. As the clamping technology is based on a concentrical workholding, the accuracy referring to the workpiece centre can be always achieved. There are flexible stops in order to define an exact position.

Typical applications:

  • Turning
  • Facing
  • Tapping
  • Threading
    (inside, outside)
  • Chamfering
  • Deburring
  • Contour Machining
  • Boring, Drilling, Centering
  • Milling
  • other applications where additional slide units are necessary for a multi-axis machining

A complete endworking machine can be designed for single-sided operation or for double-sided operation.

Typical applications of ARLA endworking either realized by HSK tools or by flexible facing heads for contour machining operations (ID + OD operations also to be realized as combined operations at the same time).

Special models of the ARLA workholding system are available on customer's request.

You may also visit ARLA's presentation of all ARLA Machine Products (slides, tables, spindle units, indexing drums for trunnion machines, etc.).

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